Photopolymer Letterpress Plates


Custom made photo-polymer letterpress plates. The price is .62 a square inch. Please select the correct size rounding up to the nearest inch if you are unsure to avoid delays. Order minimum is $30 or about 50 sq/in (5"x10") So gang up all the pieces you need to plate, they are easy to cut down with scissors.


Plate material options are KF95 and Jet 94FL.

KF95 has a durometer of 67, has a matte surface, and a relief of .025"

Jet 94FL(C) has a durometer of 62, has a matte surface, and a relief of .025"

The main difference is that KF95 is a little harder and Jet 94 has a slightly longer shelf life after printing.

Both will have adhesive on the back ready to mount to your base.


File Preparation:

Please send your files to size and each color run separated. 100% K vector files saved as a pdf are best. If you are sending rasterized artwork from Photoshop or the like please create the files at 600dpi and save them as a bitmap for clean plates. We will not plate anything sent in at 72dpi. You won't like how they turn out, we promise. Convert fonts to outlines or embed to keep things moving smoothly. Keep lines above .25 point. Halftones should be a little chunky so the smallest dots don't fall off and look bad, we can convert to halftones as well.


Production time is 2-3 days.

Maximum file size is 50000,