The Artist


Are you starving? Do you like to draw pictures?

This letterpressed calling card has enough white space to swallow a whole group of art critics. The freeform name says more than any artist statement ever could.

True black ink on white 100% cotton (like your canvas) paper.

1 box of 250 cards.

Ships in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

All information will print exactly how it is entered into the order form. 
Your preference takes priority over the original design so upper and lower case letters will reflect what you type. 
It is your responsibility to proof your own information at checkout.


All orders print in black ink only, no exceptions. 

ANY other color, or additional colors (including colorless or "blind" impressions) will require custom pricing.
Colorless/blind impressions require a dedicated run just like a color so they are charged as such.