The Runway - 150 Notecards


Tyra who?

This letterpressed calling card tells the mortals around you that you mean business. You probably won't need many of these because let's face it, only members of the "A" list will get one from you.

Designer black ink on white 100% cotton paper or recycled kraft.

1 set of 150, 5X7 in. notecards w/ blank envelopes. 

Order with 300 business cards for $95 more!

Ships in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.


Option to add edging +$40

Option to add ink color +$60

Option to print on envelope flap +$95


All information will print exactly how it is entered into the order form. 

Your preference takes priority over the original design so upper and lower case letters will reflect what you type. Any information can be placed in the template, the sample is just a sample.

It is your responsibility to proof your own information before submiting it.


ANY other color, or additional colors (including colorless or "blind" impressions) will require custom pricing.

Colorless/blind impressions require a dedicated run just like a color so they are charged as such.