The Ego


You do what you want. You take what you want. If anyone has a problem with it they clearly don't know who you are.

Time to change their attitude (and life) by handing them your card. Proof that they met you. You don't like to give these out to just anyone, but you can't help yourself. The letterpress printing reminds them that you're not just some average joe who ordered cheap cards from a bovine printer.

Impressive black ink (right? guys?) on simple white 100% cotton paper.

1 box of 250 cards.

Ships in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

All information will print exactly how it is entered into the order form. 
Your preference takes priority over the original design so upper and lower case letters will reflect what you type. 
It is your responsibility to proof your own information at checkout.

All orders print in black ink only, no exceptions. 
ANY other color, or additional colors (including colorless or "blind" impressions) will require custom pricing.
Colorless/blind impressions require a dedicated run just like a color so they are charged as such.