The Mod - Hang Tag


This is for those with few words, whose brand does all it's own talking. The Mod keeps it simple and clean just like you.  This has options for 1 line at the bottom or two boxes to write in any specs like size, price or materials. OR you can choose to leave the info area off all together. 1 sided, black ink.

TAG SIZE is 2"x3.5" (50mm x 90mm approx). A 3/16 hole drilled, .5 inch down centered on the narrow side.

You may swap fonts if you have a brand font you'd prefer to use and provide it if it's something we don't have.

All orders print in black ink only, no exceptions. One-sided printing only.
ANY other color, additional colors (including colorless or "blind" impressions), or 2 sided printing will require custom pricing.
Colorless/blind impressions require a dedicated run just like a color so they are charged as such.

1 box of 250 cards.

Ships in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.